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TOM LARIMORE, Editor VIRGINIA DeARMON CAROLEE MUNGER Saturday, September 19, 1964 Old-Fashioned Styles Bring Shame Jo Eighth Grade Girl 9 Bob Pieser CHARLEEN PETRIE Pefrie-Bastion Engagement Told The engagement of Miss Charleen Petrie to James E. Bastion has been announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Petrie, 643 Arbor Ventura.

Miss Petrie is a 1962 graduate of Ventura High School and attended Ventura College. The benedict-elect was graduated from Oxnard High School in 1961 and attended VC. He is a student at Los Angeles State College, majoring in history. No wedding date has been set. Fossil Studio OLIVIA LUNA November Rite For Olivia Luna A Nov.

28 wedding date has been set by Miss Olivia Castro Luna of Santa Paula and Adolfo G. Escoto, also of Santa Paula. The bride-elect, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.

A. Luna, 1006 Ventura Santa Paula, is a 1961 graduate of Santa Paula High School and attended Ventura College. The Lunas announced the engagement of their daughter. Escoto is the son of Mr. and Mrs.

Manuel Escoto of Long Beach. He was graduated from SPHS in 1958 and attended VC and California State Polytechnic College at Pomona. reason. I would bke to know how I can prove to this boy that Im not the kind of girl he thinks I am. NOT THAT KIND DEAR NOT: It won't be easy to "prove" to a boy that you aren't the kind of girl who goes "a little too far" after you've already been there.

Your only hope is to tell him emphatically that you both misbehaved before and that you do not intend to repeat it. So if that's the reason he is pursuing you, he can forget it. Troubled? Write to ABBY Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self-addressed enve lope. MR.

AND MRS. JERRY WILLIAM MORROW Joanne Overfelt Now Mrs. J. W. Morrow MR.

AND MRS. EDDIE MOSS Mrs. Eddie Moss Wed In Oxnard Church FAI PADS SELDOM MALIGNANT BUI CAN BE REMOVED By SIMPLE SURGERY with 125 guests attending The bride was graduated from Ventura High School in 1964 and her bridegroom attended VHS. After a wedding trip to Santa Maria, the couple is at home at 303 W. Harrison Ventura.

JAMES-HENSLEY VOWS SAID IN CASITAS SPRINGS RITE Two Venturans, the former Miss Joanne Helen Overlelt and Jerry William Morrow, were married in a double-ring ceremony the Community Presbyterian Church of Ventura. The Rev. Herbert Booth Smith performed the evening rite for the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Overfelt, 50 Stanley Ventura, and the son of Mrs.

Juanita Morrow, 41 W. Warner Ventura, and the late Mr. Morrow. Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a floor-length gown of white satin and lace. An elbow-length veil was caught by a pearl crown.

White orchids formed the bridal bouquet. Gowned in turquoise chiffon and satin, Miss Sharon Wilbert of Ventura attended as matron of honor. She carried blue and white carnations. Edward Morrow of Ventura assumed best man duties for his brother. Ushering guests were Robin Rowley, Bill Over-felt and Ronnie Smith A reception after the ceremony was held in the Alice Bartlett Clubhouse in Ventura ABBY ft By Abigail Van Buren mm.

DEAR ABBY: My mother died when I was eight months old and I live with my father and my grandmother. TTiey are good to me and I love them very much but, Abby, I am almost 13 years old, am in the eighth grade and I have to go to school with my hair above my ears. I am not allowed to wear the latest styles in clothes, either I feel so funny in my old-fashioned clothes and this little girl haircut when all the other girls my age have new -style clothes and long hair. I am naturally on the quiet side and I don't make friends very easily, and looking like a freak makes matters worse. I am an honor student and I am not boy crazy Will you please say something in your column about how important it is for a 13-year-old girl to look and dress like other girls her age? My grandmother and father never miss your column.

Maybe they will listen to you. HERES HOPING DEAR HOPING: If only adults would realize how hu-militating it is for an adolescent to be "different." The wounds are deep and the emotional scars are sometimes lasting. I would not give the green light to wil'd conduct or immodest dress just because "all the other kids" are doing it. But when it comes to clothes, hair-dos and yes, even make-up, even though adults might not like the new fads, teen-agers should have more freedom to express themselves without fear of ridicule. If more parents applied their energies to their children's moral development, instead of raising the roof over a hair-do, or a style of dress that happens to be "in" at the moment, they could spare themselves and their youngsters much agony.

DEAR ABBY: I would like your advice on a very important question which I cannot ask my mother about. One night I went out with this boy and we went a little too far. Ever since then he has been calling me up and asking me out for the same Lynda Johnson Is Dream In Green At Royal Wedding A Port Hueneme home has been established by newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Moss, who were married in the Santa Clara Catholic Church of Oxnard The Rev.

Brendan Nagle performed a double ring afternoon net veil. White carnations surrounded a white orchid, creating her bridal bouquet. Miss Karen Sue Keeter of Meiners Oaks attended as maid of honor with Miss Ann Keeter attending as bridesmaid. They were gowned in pale pink cotton. Frank Stretch of Fillmore served as best man.

Seating guests were ushers Lloyd Hayes and the brides uncle, Harold Dollar, both of Ojai. A reception after the wedding was held in the Community Cen ter in Casitas Springs. The couple is at home at 7395 Ventura Foster Park. own little black silk and high heels marked us as American. Our roommate remembered it as the nicest place in London and we'll go along with that.

We were the only Americans in the place, which was loaded with well-to-do middle aged English couples and a 1 groups from the Middle East The dance orchestra sounded exactly like Lester lomn and all the A F. types did fine until some twist music was played They just haven't got it. Someone who does have it is a German born ceramist, Mar-gret Marks. A painter as ell Londoners Seem To Agree On Barry It will help if you have both hay fever and sinus trouble and the combination is not at all unusual, since allergies (includ- ing hay fever) quite often irritate the sinuses. However, the booklet is not directly intended for hay fever sufferers.

Dear Dr. Molner: Is spray painting in a factory injurious to a man when he doesn't wear a mask? MRS. K. C. Invisible small droplets of the paint can be breathed into the lungs and damage them.

He should wear a mask. NOTE TO SUPPOSED-TO BE: There are so-called bust-developer creams which are harmless but I know of none that will do any good at all, so save your money. What about constipation Many can be relieved of it, both mentally and physically, by reading the booklet The Way To Stop Constipation. For a copy write to Dr. Molner in ing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope, and 20 cents in coin to cover printing and handling.

Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. HAVE YOU PICKED YOUR C0TYSIHG ADDRESS MODEL HOMES Ralston and Victoria as a shadow or spot, althoughi it would look a good deal dif- ferent from some of the scars, calcifications and other pathol ogies which we loosely lump together as "spots on the lung. In practice, skilled reading of the X-ray will often afford an accurate idea of the condition Or in some cases other X-rays, later on, will by comparison provide a judgment as to whether anything ought to be done.

If the problem becomes suspicious, then surgery is warranted to remove the spot and have the tissue examined microscopically. This will give the answer: Is it a mere fat pad, or cyst, or is it a tumor that is or may become malignant? The final decision rests on microscopic examination. This, indeed, is an every-day occurrence in operating rooms: If something appears sufficiently suspicious surgery is performed and, right then, the microscopic examination is conducted. If, as is more often true than not, the tissue is not malignant, the lump is removed, everybody heaves a sigh of relief, and the patient goes home and tells his family about my operation. If there is a sign of malignancy, however, the remainder of the operation demands more precautions.

Surrounding tissue is removed, to make sure that the malignancy has not spread. Neither fat pads nor cysts tend to become malignant. Cancerous that is. Unless subsequent tests make the X-rays look suspicious, there may be no reason for surgery. If sus-' picious signs do develop, then it is time enough to operate and find out how much or how little need be done.

At that point, of course, dont procrastinate. Get it done and settled as quickly as possible. Dear Dr. Molner: Please 1 send me "You Can Stop Sinus Trouble." I enclose the required 20 cents in coin and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope. Will this booklet help hay fever and allergy sufferers, too? MRS.

E. B. I ceremony for the former Miss Jackie Whelan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest G.

Whelan, 1061 Salem Oxnard, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Moss, 221 East Port Hueneme. Given in marriage by her father, the bride selected a floor-length gown of white satin with a lace bodice and sleeves. Her shoulder length veil was held with small lace flowers.

White roses encircled a white orchid to form her bridal bouquet. Attending as maid of honor was Miss Pam Chronister of Oxnard. She was gowned in shocking pink floor-length satin. Her flowers were pink and white car nations. Fred Lowery attended as best man.

Ushers were Jim Whelan and Ted Davis, brother and cousin of the bride. All are from Oxnard. A reception for 150 people was hosted in the brides home. After their wedding trip to Santa Barbara, the pair are at home at 680 Evergreen St Apt. 22, Port Hueneme.

The bride was graduated in 1964 from Camarillo High School and her bridegroom is a graduate the same year of Hueneme High School. Goldwaler married to a school inspector. And Howard is exactly what everyone thinks a sophisticated, well educated Englishman will be like. They both delight in each other's work and both are completely cowed by a spoiled hound called Whisky. We keep being surprised by the Englishman's concern for our November elections.

Gold water is known and apparent ly disliked by practically everyone whether he's a fish monger at Billingsgate or an Oxford professor. Our last night in London We broke our rule to trv to avoid staid old Simpsons in the Strand, famed for its roast beef. British atmosphere and American clientele. Were very fond of Americans, the wine steward says, they've kept the place open for the past 20 years Every waiter in the place looks like he's spent his first 70 years there. We had a charming old chap turned out he's nearly blind.

We found out the hard wav the meringue landed smack into our lap We were startled, he was mortified and the manager spent 30 minutes profusely apologizing Would you like me to take the particulars, ma'am" he kept saying Translated, this means file a complaint and have our messy suit cleaned or replaced We settled for a cloth and hot water and looked as good as new in no time at all The former Miss Linda Carol Hensley became the bride of Kirby Wayne James with the Rev. Billy Patrick performing the marriage rite in the First Southern Baptist Church of Casi tas Springs. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mis. Stanley E.

Hensley, 1127 Meyer Road, Meiners Oaks, and the bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Juanita Goodin of Fillmore and the Rev. Edgar James of Redding. Escorted to the altar by her father, the bride chose a street-length dress of white silk organza and Chantilly lace. A crown of pearls held her nylon pour out of the Underground, dressed in their best, ready for a big night.

And dressed in their best can get pretty weird. The Beatniks with their long hair and oven longer fingernails wear their perpetual dirty stovepipe pants and cord jackets with the gay little buttons The men go from barely past the scruffy stage to well-tailored And the women kind of lose their minds. It seems that no matter what their age, the dress is pretty much the same fancy fabric with bows and ruffles and drapery. too, if they can manage it. And shoes that are at least 10 years out of style, often worn with the laciest of hose.

Then theres the earrings, the necklace and several bracelets. We keep wondering how come they never seem to learn when to quit. Even in the best places, the costumes are the same. We went to a swank restaurant where the waiters wear white tie and tails and there was a marvelous eight-piece dance orchestra Our HEALTH By Joseph M.D. Dear Dr.

Molner: What does a fat pad on the lung mean? Is it the beginning of a malignancy? An X-ray showed what was diagnosed as either a fat pad or cyst. What would be the treatment for this? MRS. S. B. Fat accumulates in lumps at times.

These may occur under the skin. They are called lipo nas. or fatty tumors They are quite common and not dangerous. Less often a similar fat pad may be detected elsewhere, one place being on the pleural lining which surrounds the lungs. It would appear on an X-ray O.V.

Women Hold Rush Party Oak View Womens Club held its annual rush potluck luncheon and swim party in the home of Mrs. Feltch Brobisky. Members of the club exeeu tive board served as hostesses The groups first fall meeting was hostessed Wednesday in the Oak View School, with a Hawaiian theme. Officers for the 1964-65 term are Mrs G. K.

Fredcnckson president; Mrs. O. T. Littlefield, first vice president: Mrs. Kenneth Willis, second vice presi dent; Mrs.

Robert Beck, third publicity and Mrs. Douglas, historian. A. B. Bring Your Own Slides For Show Members of the Ventura County Stereo Camera Club are asked to bring 10-12 slides to be shown during a round robin program Tuesday in Santa Paula's Glen Tavern Hotel A buffet supper will precede Mrs Ella Weaver, 486-017 La i ry Fulstone, 525 4193 the 7 pm meeting.

Reservations (S3) may be placed with Mrs Earl Reynolds. 649-1291. or as a potter, Mrs Marks hasellow Americans and went to (London sightseer Virginia DeArmon, Modern Family staffer, continues her reports from European tour, accompanied by husband, Charles. Editor) By VIRGINIA DeARMON LONDON Still. Weve got to get nit of this town before total exhaustion sets in.

The price paid for coming back so soon all the things we want to do over again, all the things we knew about last year and didn't get to plus all the new things weve learned about in the year in between. But theres nothing quite like a Saturday night in Piccadilly. Thousands and thousands of Londoners and all the tourists Family Wills Lawyers' Topic The educational meeting of Zeta Chapter of Phi Epsilon Phi sorority will be in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Glyus.

218 Banner Ventura. Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Ventura attorney Leighton Long will be the guest speaker His subject will be The Importance of Wills to the Family. There will be a question and answer period following the talk. Husbands of sorority members and the speaker wile will also be guests.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) Lynda Bird Johnsons green-and- outfit drew gasps oLer. treasurer; Ms. James O. admiration as she arrived narliamentarian. rs KLthrnn''teaming SLe E.

Allen, Federation co King Constantine and Princess nnrn.nit Anne-Marie. ordinator; Mrs. C. L. Desautclle vice president; Mrs.

Bob Han na, secretary; Mrs. Don Zoll- taken all the ticky tacky out of dimensional mosaics and come up with an incredible style. A sure technician in both fields, she flys free and clear into abstracts whether the work is flat surface tile or dimensional. We saw one large mosaic she had just completed for a new police station being built in London. Her only orders from the architect were: 1 keep it warm, and 2 its the only The 20-year-old daughter of the lT.

S. President wore a floor length green sheath topped by a floor length green and white silk coat. For her hat she had a green velvet bow with a soft grey-green veil. Her shoes were fa-sioned in green silk. She wore long white kid gloves and carried a green silk bag.

The brilliant morning sun highlighted her ensemble "A dream a real dream in admiring green. said one American tourist President Johnsons daughter attended the wedding as her' father's representative. LANCES RENEW WEDDING VOWS TOMORROW Wedding vows will be repeated for Mr and Mrs. C. L.

Lance of Meiners Oaks who will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary tomorrow. at noon name it and she has a boxful Aquinas somewhere in the studio, wait-Catholic be guests mg for the mood to strike in the One-time owner of a pottery decoration inside the building. Margret came up with a large square rendering, all in 3 3 flat tiles, showing an abstracted sunrise. Its compelling and belongs in a gallery, for our money. In her dimensional works, the artist uses of broken pots, pieces of bottles, sea shells fish bones, buttons You Kind of a weird wav to vsind'f But Ixmdon.

we 11 admit up Beaus And Belles Dance Tuesday Beaus and Belles Square Dance Club will dance Tuesday night In the Ventura Civic Recreation Center with Bruce John son calling the steps. Greeters for the 8 11 pm dance will be Mr. and Mrs. Art Burnett. All square dancers are invited to attend the dance in the center, 1261 W.

Main St. 211 El Camino Drive. They'll recite vows in Oj'ais St, Thomas Church, then of honor at a reception Boyd Club in Ojai. 1 m. Married Sept 23.

Westphalia, Kan have nine children, and three all living in Mr. and Mrs. Lance starting at; studio in Berlin. Mrs Marks is another experience. 1914, in the Lances 34 grandchildren, great-grandchildren.


VENTURA I You Are Invited To Join Channel Cities Funeral Society A Non-Profit Service Organization SIMPLER FUNERALS 1. Pre-Arranged 2. Inexpensive 3. Avoiding the ornate. Write For Our Brochure Xo One Will Call on You.


No Game Oxnard unit winner's Game Mon. Sept, 12 34 P.M. Civic Brtdoo Club Civic Recreation Center, 1141 I. Mam. Toot.

Sopt. 12 UN PM. Ventura Bridte Group Fall Party (MP) YMCA, 1200 Tfteoraph Rtf. Wetf. Sept.

JJ 7 30 M. Civic Bridoe Club Cmc Recreation Center TWr. Sot. 24 7 30 Ventura Bridoe Grouo Open Individual Cfcamptonsbips, YMCA. Prt Seat.

2S 1115 M. FtHmor Bridoe Club MM 511 Second St. PiMmort. 7 as p.m. Friday Evenmo Bridoe Club Womens Center 3415 Foothill Rd.

Sot Sept. 1 00 M. Civic Bntfoo Club MM Civic Recreation Center. -7.

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