Helluva Boss Shelter - ☆Moxxie and Millie (Chihuahua & Pixie Bob Cat)☆ (2024)


(Chapter might be longer because this has two pets and not one)

○ A cousin of your's that worked on a farm just randomly called you claiming they found a Chihuahua wondering the streets, but couldn't take care of him because of there farming duties. So they asked you to take him.

○ And that how you ended up on the farm watching your cousin try to get the scared dog out from under the porch and a small cat hissing at him to leave the dog alone. You made sure to get a pic of it for black mail next Christmas.

○ After a fair amount of treats to get the cats attention away from the dog you gently pick up the shaking animal. Softly you pet his head and give words of reassurance which helped calm him down a lot. Carefully you put him back on the ground before walking over to your car.

○ The dog following behind you, with the cat catching up, and your cousin tagging along. Once at the car you open the door allowing the small dog to smell the cat joining before brushing up against your leg.

○ Helping the dog in you put him in a really big kennel that you had for Loona. The whole time the cat was meowing and scratching at your leg. "You can take them both," your cousin adds.

"You sure?" you ask bending down to also pick up the cat. "Yeah, they seem close wouldn't want to take them apart," the finish giving you a smile. "Look at you having a heart," you joke placing the cat in the kennel along with the dog. Both immediately cuddled together.

"Har har," you cousin dryly laughs. "Now get going and remember to visit alright?" they add as you open the diver side door. "Sure," you shrug before getting in the car. "Take care now!" your cousin calls out after you. Sticking your arm out you wave back. "You think they be fine?" you cousin ask two cat that looked similar to the one you just adopted.

○ Moxxie is a fluffy Chihuahua with white fur and little fluff tuffs on the sides of his head. He has black spots in his face representing freckles and black fur on the tips of his ears. His back legs are fully black along with his tail. An evident trait is how he has a black fur pattern on his chest representing a bow tie. His toe beans are a shade of red and when drought to the vet about it they said everything was fine and that's just the color pigment.

○ Millie is a Pixie Bob cat with mostly black fur but has white spots all over and a heart-shaped spot in her arms. She has a little more fluffy than most cats as shown on her face giving her little proofs on the sides of her head. She is about the same size as a Moxxie and has a short tail.

○ Millie already had a name, but for Moxxie you just had to list any name you could think of in the car ride and it seemed he liked that on the most.

○ They're both really protective of each other. Sometimes you joke that they're a little married couple (got them matching collars). Moxxie the more with held quite one, but Millie is quite cuddly and open to meeting with the other pets.

○ Speaking of other pets when you got back to the apartments Loona was on her bed and Blitzø was where ever. Setting down the carrier in the middle of the room you open the door. Millie was quick to jump out and explore the new area going over and smelling Loona which caused the big dog to growl at her.

Blitzø dropped down from ceiling on to your head to get a safe look at the new animals in the house. "Blitzø, Loona, meet your new roommates Millie," you say gesturing to the cat. "And Moxxie," you finish offering your hand out to the shy dog still hiding in the kennel.

Jumping off your head and into the Kennel Blitzø jumps in and stands in front of the small dog. It was kind of funny to see. Millie comes over and starts to rub up against your leg purring loudly. "Come on Mox," you coo while picking Blitzø up with the other.

After a while he finally stepped out. "Good boy," you say petting him before getting up and heading to the kitchen with Blitzø on your shoulder and Loona getting up to follow you. Opening the fridge door you look around. Seeing not much you stand back up. "Who wants take out?" you ask picking up your phone.

○ That night you picked up the food and big dog bed to fit the both of them since they were close. Once back you gave everyone their food before getting your self some and eating on the floor with them. Getting up you head to the shower and get ready for bed.

○ That night Blitzø was fast asleep on his log while Loona slept on your bed which has happened before, but it's still uncommon. Both Moxxie and Millie slepted in the living room. At one point they did try to enter your room, but Loona woke up and started to growl at them cause the pair to go back to the living room.

○ After that the two would stay close together as you went about your daily routines of getting up, going to work, walking Loona, watching MLP with Blitzø. You then made time to play fight with Millie who had the strongest back kicks as she latched in your arms. Moxxie and you would just sit and listen to some classical music while you fill out papers and he sleeps on your lap.

○ Chihuahuas are known for having separation anxiety when they get really close to some one, and Moxxie is no exception. It was hard at first to get some alone time since he would follow you around a lot only leaving you alone to cuddle with Millie or Loona is near you.

○ After a fair amount of training you finally got him to be more independent, but he still has his moments.

○ Millie isn't clingy, more very hyper and is always looking for someone to play with. Sometimes when you working she'll start playing with your hand or any loser clothing. She and Blitzø have fun together since they're both the most hyper, Loona doesn't really care about Millie, and Moxxie is always down, but even he has his limits to her hyperness.

○ You couldn't walk Loona and Moxxie together since she would just pick on him the whole time, so now you have to walk separately Loona the first round and Moxxie and Millie the second.

○ People tend to stop you a lot to pet Millie because it's not really common to see someone walking a cat. You can sometimes hear Moxxie growl a bit from the amount of attention Millie gets.

○ Moxxie loves Pup cups. So after he has a vet or groomer visit you go through the Starbucks drive-through and grab him one. He gets picky too if it's not the perfect temperature and whipped to the right consistency. (Loona sometimes gets them too)

○ Loona does bully Moxxie. Either pushes him over or growls at him for no reason. If he's eating and she walks over she'll look him up and down before walking away causing him to eat slower. Millie tends to be there to help protect Mox, which makes him just love her more.

○ Millie can get too hyper and will run all over the apartment. One time she knocked over a picture frame breaking the glass on your desk. Once you got back home instead of yelling you just cleaned up the desk and cleared the glass. You then checked her paws before telling her to be more careful. (She's glad that you can handle her hyperness)

○ They do get protective, but not as aggressive as Loona is with new people. If you have guest over Millie is running over and sniffing the people out before rubbing up against them. While Moxxie will hide under the couch or whatever chair your at and watch to see if anyone does anything.

○ Moxxie tries to get Blitzø's approval a lot by protecting you, but it doesn't always work and it ends up with Mox whimpering while Millie comforts him.

○ After a month of living with you it seemed as though the four of your pets became a messy team whose main goal to was keep you safe.

Helluva Boss Shelter - ☆Moxxie and Millie (Chihuahua & Pixie Bob Cat)☆ (2024)
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