Helluva Boss (Insert OC) Moxxie and Millie's Child - Unhappy Campers (2024)


Blitzo stormed his way through the lobby and into his office. At the reception desk Mason and his parents were listening to some swamp looking teen explaining how he died. "Well I'm pretty sure one of the camp councilors killed me, I just don't know which one" The kid said. "How could you not know?" Moxxie asked. "Well I was out on the lake when my boat started to sink, someone drilled holes in it. The councilors are the only ones with keys to the boat house and they are the only ones who knew I couldn't swim, it had to be them" The kid said assuming them

"We don't usually do investigations. I'll have a talk with the boss about this" Moxxie said getting up. He walked into Blitzo's office and saw him frantically going through a contacts list. "Pardon Moi, sir" Moxxie said. "Not now, Mox" Blitzo said. "There is a client here who wants to investigate his death, we don't typically do investigations" Moxxie said. "No time" Blitzo said angrily. "But we really need the cash flow, so I wanted to know if-" Moxxie got cut off by Blitzo. "What part of NO f*ckING TIIIIIMME, do you not understand. Just handle it yourself" He said.

Moxxie got confused for a moment. "You want me to lead, on a hit?" Moxxie asked which only made Blitzo angrier. "I swear on all that is evil, if your not out of my office within negative three seconds!" Blitzo yelled. "You got it, sir" Moxxie said excited. He closed the door behind him and walked back over to the client. "We'll take the case, and I'll be handling this investigation personally" He said. "What? Are you serious? We don't do investigations. We're assassins not detectives" Mason said not liking the idea. "Honey, are you sure? What about Blitzo?" Millie asked. "Please, you two. Blitzo put me in charge this time" Moxxie said proudly.

Millie and Mason gave confused expressions. "He did?" Millie asked. "Ha that's funny" Mason said quietly. "Why is that funny" Moxxie said glaring at Mason. "Oh um, it's uh it's funny that he wouldn't put you in charge. You definitely have what it takes to lead this kind of mission" Mason said looking away slightly. "Right! This will be our most surgical hit we've ever had. Don't worry, sir, we'll find your killer and he'll get what's coming to him, and or her, or they" Moxxie said.

A couple of minutes later Moxxie put up an evidence board of what they know about the hit. "Mox, are you sure this isn't a little much" Millie said looking at the board. "What is all this junk" Mason asked. "This junk, is everything we know about the mission. It's my first lead, it has to be perfect. Now if you look here you'll see a comprehensive guide to your cover persona. Memorize it, we have a lot of work to do" Moxxie said. Mason groaned and grabbed his guide.


The three imps went up to the human world at the summer camp where the client was killed. They were dressed up to blend in with the children. Moxxie was dressed like a girl, Millie dressed as a boy, and Mason also dressed as a boy, while wearing the hat that Millie gave him for his birthday. "Ok everyone, one last time for safety. I am Moxxine, the hottest girl at my school" Moxxie said in a female like voice. "I'm your brother, Millerd. I like sports and f*cking bitches" Millie said humping the air. "I'm Mason, the youngest brother. I'm athletic, supportive, and likes to play it cool" Mason said.

Moxxie observed the children at the camp and saw that they were younger than he expected. "Maybe lose that last part, Millie" He said. "Check" Millie said. They all crouch down near a bush. "I think we're ready" Moxxie said in his girl voice. Mason deeply sighed and looked away from Moxxie, cringing over his voice. "I don't think I am" Mason said. "Hey Mox, look at that shady looking fella over there. I think that's our guy" Millie pointed out. Across the camp there was a teenage boy carrying a big sack on his back trying to be sneaky. "Millie, I think pointing out the first guy you see is the proper way to conduct a-" Moxxie was cut off by Millie pulling out her binoculars. "No that's definitely him, that bag is full of money and drugs and a drill that looks like it would be used to drill holes in a boat" Millie said observing.

Helluva Boss (Insert OC) Moxxie and Millie's Child  - Unhappy Campers (2024)
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